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Attacking is the primary form of self-defense for bosses, Zombies and characters in Call of Mini: Zombies 2. Here are all the attacks and forms of self-defense that the bosses have:



  1. Attacking with his bat
  2. Same as number one, except it deals more damage
  3. Summons minions which are basically Bombers.

Rugby Player

  1. Simple punch
  2. Turning into a ball and rolling towards you
  3. Charging towards you
  4. Throwing a rock at you


  1. Whirlwind
  2. Charging towards you and jumping
  3. Taunt

Straw Man

  1. Simple attack with the staff
  2. Whirlwind attack
  3. Summons minions that look just like him

Shark Hunter

  1. Simple attack with his shark
  2. Throwing his shark at you
  3. Diving towards you, with its fin only visible, and then surprises you
  4. Kinda like number 3, except a trail effect appears behind him and he directly attacks you

Non-boss NPCs


  • He directly attacks you. (Clowns share this attack.)


  • She spits on you
  • She throws up (not considered an attack because it deals no damage whatsoever)


  • Kamikaze attack


  • They bite into you
  • They throw juggling balls at you and laugh when they do that.


All characters have a ranged attack (Weapons)

Joe Blo

  • He has a chainsaw attack as his power-up.

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