Call of Mini Zombies 2 Wiki

The IonCannon is the weapon that you obtain from the Straw Man boss raid. It has the highest damage of all the weapons when at damage level 1. It is also splash so you can damage multiple zombies nearby. The cost of crafting is very high: 800K gold. It also has a great rate of fire - but the projectiles are so large that you might not be able to shoot through small openings or holes. Its "brother" is the RPG-7, but the damage can only be upgraded there.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely high damage at level 30, highest damage in the game (12,600)
  • Very fast Rate of Fire, you are able to get the 3-star 30% damage and 20% rate of fire bonuses. This brings it down to 0.4 Rate of Fire, same as Xm-1014 at level 30.
  • It's also splash so you will damage multiple zombies and deal the same damage.
  • OP factor: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!


  • Its projectile size is so big that you won't be able to fire clearly on positions on some maps that have small openings. (like the car pile in the Junkyard map). Obstacles getting in the way.